Enjoy Your Holi Tour with Go Rajasthan Travel

Enjoy Your Holi Tour with Go Rajasthan Travel

Holi Celebration in Pushkar

Every people want to experience Rajasthan’s Holi at least once as it gives a totally different vibe. If you are visiting Rajasthan during Holi don’t forget to drink lassi, bhang Chach, Kairi ka Paani, thandai and many more, you should also not miss foods like Mirchi papad, gatte ki sabzi, pakodiwali kadi, and paneer launglatta. Planning to go for a Holi Festival Tour in Rajasthan with our agency will not only offer you satisfaction but will also make sure you experience the best trip of your life.

Our teams of experts have come up with numerous types of Holi that an individual can experience in Rajasthan; people can choose one depending on their mood and requirement. Don’t waste your time, go and book yourHoli Tour in Rajasthan, if your plans are to enjoy your Holi to the fullest. Some of them include:

Mali Holi Ajmer

According to various professionals, it is claimed that the celebration of Mali Holi is nothing but a tradition where a man enjoys by spreading colors on a woman and then girls proceed further by hitting the boys with a small stick. This occasion enhances love and relation. Moreover, it also plays a vital role in bringing brotherhood between the folks. Numerous people claim that no other place is as good as Rajasthan when it comes to having a great Holi. Come and join our Holi Festival Trip to Rajasthan to get an outstanding experience.

Gair Holi Ajmer

Another type of Holi that is famous in Rajasthan is by showering gulal, report says that this type of Holi is mainly played in the same areas close to Ajmer. However, these people enjoy it more by playing a musical instrument, dancing and drums. Moreover, people also drink Bhang, Thandai, and a few other types of drinks to enjoy. You can also experience the same fun by joining the Holi Festival Tours. If your plans are experiencing the Holi with your family and friends, then no other agency is going to be better than us. If you are looking for a good company, then you should hire Go Rajasthan Travel. We are well aware of all the things happening in the town, and we will take care of all your needs. For more details reach us. Our team has also organized a travel guide for you so that you don’t face any issues on the tour, and you can also get in touch with one of our executives to gather trip-related information. Our customer team is ready to help you, feel free to contact the team if you are facing any issue. There are thousands of plans available in the market, choose one depending on your need. Make this Holi memorable by visiting our agency and enjoying it to the fullest.