Go Rajasthan is the No. 1 Destination Management Company in Rajasthan.It is a Part of Kingsthan Tourism Pvt. Ltd. provides tourism service across the state.Go Rajasthanis introduced into the market in 2014, has emerged into the largest Tourism industry, providing services throughout India and the head office placed in Jaipur. First was an idea by Mr.Yatendra Singh, started from the craps, with a lot of dedication, hard work, team spirit, honesty and loyal to the customers, transparency has built the strong foothold of this company. With a strong companionship in inbound travel throughout India along with the corporate segment, this company possessesa professional travel mechanism. Travellers throughout world hire us for their booking in tourism destinations.

This company has been a specialized in organizing the adventure, cultural, honeymoon, pilgrimage, hill stations and wildlife tours to numerous spots in Rajasthan as well as throughout India. Our tourism experts have formed with very cost effective methods to travel, live and sightsee in these tour packages which will be quite cost effective and within the budgets of the tourists so that everyone enthusiastic can avail its packages. We have business links with some of the best quality hotels and luxurious suites for all forms of people and we have a top class fleet of rental cars and bus service to accommodate all the tourists coming from India and other regions of the world.

gorajasthan.travel is a competitive travel organization known as the No.1 DMC company in Rajasthan and excelled with best quality service from its experienced and energetic staffs. We provide 24*7 hours service which consists of travel planning, design of itinerary, hotel reservation, flight/train booking, and travel services. We assure you to get all the best service you can get with our harm hospitality. "Customer satisfaction" has been our motto which has paved the way to build a strong network which offers service to travelers from all around the world. Till now we have been a promising companion for our tourists to provide them a memorable journey in their life.

Go Rajasthan Vision and Mission

Choose your Rajasthan holidays packages by interests like Family Holiday Package, Fair Festival Tour Packages, Golden Triangle Tours, Weekend Trips, Budget Tour Packages, Adventure Tours, Luxury Tours, Rajasthan Village Tour, Honeymoon Packages and check our all-inclusive tour Itineraries, Rajasthan rent-a-car services and let our Rajasthan tour specialists offer you the Rajasthan vacation of your dreams.

Go Rajasthan Vision

To provide innovative travel products and unbeatable travel experiences that elevate us to a pacesetter within the destination management domain in the Rajasthan and to line the bar high as a premium service provider and socially responsible business.

Go Rajasthan Mission

To create memorable travel experiences that talk to guests' values and surpass their highest expectations, which we believe will secure our long-term growth and drive our innovative spirit. We are guided by values of reality, honesty, transparency and authenticity.

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Responsible Travel Company

At Go Rajasthan we do overpay pretense to responsible tourism – we've got been committed to that since our very beginnings and have additionally established the Go Rajasthan Foundation to support and develop community comes in destinations we visit.

To us responsible Travel coincides with responsible Business, planning adventures with the local individuals, culture and eco-system in mind. We are terribly aware of the economic, ecological and ethical impact tourism will have on ancient cultures and fragile environments.

We realize that taking clients through these regions will have a prejudicious impact if not handled responsibly and as such, on all of our tours we visit nice lengths to minimize the negative and intensify the positive – finally, there also are several good things that someone will bring!

A booming Go Rajasthan tour not only delivers a unique and the best journey for you, but it'll additionally benefit the individuals whose lands we are privileged to visit.

Director Profile

Kingsthan Toursim Pvt. Ltd. is a place where tourists seek our expertise, guidance and perfect trip advices. We are backed up by several trusted travel professionals and advisors who can assist you in finding an inspiration for the vacation trip as well as a chance to visit to your dream destination point, even help you get your own trip quote. We are powered by our esteemed Managing Director, Mr. Yatendra Singh. He has a visionary attitude as well as a glorious expertise of 07 years in the travel and tourism sector. Mr. Yatendra Singh is the founder of this travel advisory and Facilitator Company. He is also the leader of another travel company Go Rajasthan Travel which is considered to be Rajasthan's no. 1 DMC.

From the very days of his graduation, he had a special attraction towards the tourism sector. From the very beginning of his life, he travelled all over India and felt the very need of the proper travel and tourism company who can not only provide travel packages, but also provide excellent trip advices, tour routes and destination points to choose as per bend of mind of different travelers from different age, ethnicity, livingness and satisfaction. Indeed he belonged from as middle-waged family, he would have settled for a small job with adequate salaries to feed his family. But his life had a better future calling, and he just responded to that call. In the middle of his graduation days, he had a dream of starting his own venture in travel and tourism sector and wanted to do something more in his life. Then he tried to get suggestions and help from his family and his friends. Thank God he had such cooperative friends in his life. With the help and motivation of his family as well as friends, he started a new enterprise Kingsthan Toursim Pvt. Ltd. in 2014. In the early days he faced so many obstacles like shortage of money and competitions in this sector from other well-established website owners. But with extreme patience and opportunist skills, he grabbed all the chances he got, even any insignificant that was. He tried to utilize two separate areas of expertise of "travel advisors" and "travel vehicle facilitators" and brought them under one roof. As a result, now he has grown into the owner of India's top travel advisor and travel Provider Company.

Personally, Mr. Yatendra Singh is quite a generous and friendly character who considers all of his employees as his family members. In case of any problem occurring with any employee, he is the one who comes as an angel in the hard times. He is also known for his welfare achievements in many times. He has a caring heart and selfless and cooperative attribute which have made him the right the man one would idealize. He has been a consistent funding provider and an active participator in several social welfare programs like- helping the orphans, better quality of old-age homes with proper homely care, female education and much more. He has become quite an ideal for many of the younger generations from his locality and all over Rajasthan. Personally speaking, he is a man that you look upon in your life.

He has maintained this company with esteemed care and affection. He has enabled this company that it now it provides several tourism ideas and packages in Rajasthan as well as Delhi, Himachal Pradesh, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, Kerala, Goa, Uttrakhand, Gujarat, Andaman Nicobar and all the northeast states.

This is a Rajasthan based company having its head branch in Jaipur, but we have several branches all over India and we provide tourism guidance and exciting and memorable travel packages to various destinations of India, to quench different kinds of thirsts of tourism spots of all ranges of trip regions; from mountain-hikers and Jungle trekkers to beach lovers and wildlife lovers. To satisfy the needs of different ranges of tourists, especially the newly married couples, we also provide honeymoon packages to various romantic places where couples can enjoy to their heart's extent and leave an unforgettable memory in their married life. For the photography lovers and adventure freaks, we also assist different trips and sports suggestions must do once in their lifetime.

Go Rajasthan Responsible Travel Team

We have our own dedicated in-house responsible Travel team, that meets often to review and live our measure travel policies. This is often not only crucial to assist ensure best practice across each our group tour and custom-made vacation itineraries, but the ideal forum to develop new ideas and initiatives.

Yatendra Singh
Yatendra Singh

(Managing Director)
Rashmi Sharma
Rashmi Sharma

(Business Manager)

(Tour Advisor)