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The best thing about travel is that you get to know various cultures, people, region and traditions. Travelling make you modest you will appreciate your position in the world. Not only get to discover new lands but also yourself. Which travelling give, you get to see things with different perspectives. Travelling is demanding. It demands time, energy, money and sacrifice of comfort.

Aravalli one of the oldest mountain ranges in the world. Aravali is situated as a hill station in Rajasthan. Mount Abu is the only hill station in Rajasthan. The world famousDilwara temples of the Jains are also situated here. Keoladeo National park, famous for its plethora of bird life is situated in Rajasthan,Ranthambore and Sariska National tiger reserves are situated here.

Rajasthan came into existence on 30th March 1949 when all the princely states ruled by the Rajput or popularly known as the Rajputana had merged into the Dominion of India. There are slight differences between Rajputana and Rajasthan. In Rajputana certain portions were governed directly by the British Raj.

Rajasthan is the motherland of courageous heroes who was determined to fight for their dignity. BappaRawal, RanaPratap Singh, RanaSanga, and Prithviraj Chauhan. The state of Rajasthan is exotic and vividly colourful. The state has lots of majestic forts, magnificent palaces, tranquil lakes, golden sand dunes and warm and welcoming people. The state is a popular destination in the itinerary of tourist.

The state was ruled by the Rajput for over a thousand years. There is a fascinating array of places which will leave the tourists enchanted. Beautiful and intricate handicrafts are available in its vibrant bustling markets, music, dance and theatre are associated with the daily lives of people. When in Rajasthan one should definitely try out the delectable spicy cuisine of Rajasthan.

Why is Relationship with DMC Important for Every Travel Agent?

Building strong relationships in business are one of the most crucial step towards its success. It is even more important for a travel industry to look like an expert in everything you sell.For this case DMCs and travel agencies should emphasize on their relationship with DMCs. There are five main reasons so as to why travel agents should build their relationship with DMCs-

1) DMCs can help you find products that cannot be found online

The business environment has drastically changed over a past few years.When you offer something which cannot be found online you add that extra edge for your clients.It is not as important if you escort groups or send individual clients on fixed basis, but it is extremely important that you add an extra of a value that they cannot find anywhere else.As a travel agent you should know about your clients and share that information with the local DMC for package linking. That way you add additional advantages for your clients.

2) Travel agencies have the clients and DMC have the knowledge about the area

Working together as a team along with the DMCs, the travel agencies and the DMCs both can make good profits. TheDMCs that exclusively work for travel as a work supplier should be associated with as they do not contact the clients for any kind of promotions.They work towards a common interest along with the agency.

3) DM seas help the travel agency look like in local expert

This will help the travel agency look good in front of the clients. They help the agency to be updated about room availability, excursion fees and many more things.

4) They help in promotion of the travel agency

The agency cannot send that clients to every single destination.The DMCs can help them promote and sell destination even if the agency has never been there. They have been promoting the agency inform of webinars and e-Learning courses.

5) The make sure that the passengers travel safely

DMCs are very helpful in keeping the safety of the passengers.They keep them updated about their trip make sure that the trip is safe and the passengers can enjoy themselves to the fullest.

Go Rajasthan Vision and Mission

Choose your Rajasthan holidays packages by interests like Family Holiday Package, Fair Festival Tour Packages, Golden Triangle Tours, Weekend Trips, Budget Tour Packages, Adventure Tours, Luxury Tours, Rajasthan Village Tour, Honeymoon Packages and check our all-inclusive tour Itineraries, Rajasthan rent-a-car services and let our Rajasthan tour specialists offer you the Rajasthan vacation of your dreams.

Go Rajasthan Vision

To provide innovative travel products and unbeatable travel experiences that elevate us to a pacesetter within the destination management domain in the Rajasthan and to line the bar high as a premium service provider and socially responsible business.

Go Rajasthan Mission

To create memorable travel experiences that talk to guests' values and surpass their highest expectations, which we believe will secure our long-term growth and drive our innovative spirit. We are guided by values of reality, honesty, transparency and authenticity.


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Awards and Recognition

We are accredited and certified by major travel groups and associations, including the Ministry of Tourism Government of India and Indian Association of Tour Operators (IATO).

Go Rajasthan Responsible Travel Team

We have our own dedicated in-house responsible Travel team, that meets often to review and live our measure travel policies. This is often not only crucial to assist ensure best practice across each our group tour and custom-made vacation itineraries, but the ideal forum to develop new ideas and initiatives.

Yatendra Singh
Yatendra Singh

(Managing Director)
Rashmi Sharma
Rashmi Sharma

(Business Manager)

(Tour Advisor)

Responsible Travel Company

At Go Rajasthan we do overpay pretense to responsible tourism – we've got been committed to that since our very beginnings and have additionally established the Go Rajasthan Foundation to support and develop community comes in destinations we visit.

To us responsible Travel coincides with responsible Business, planning adventures with the local individuals, culture and eco-system in mind. We are terribly aware of the economic, ecological and ethical impact tourism will have on ancient cultures and fragile environments.

We realize that taking clients through these regions will have a prejudicious impact if not handled responsibly and as such, on all of our tours we visit nice lengths to minimize the negative and intensify the positive – finally, there also are several good things that someone will bring!

A booming Go Rajasthan tour not only delivers a unique and the best journey for you, but it'll additionally benefit the individuals whose lands we are privileged to visit.

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