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Jaisalmer -The magnetism and valiance of Jaisalmer city, situated in the northwestern state Rajasthan, aka the "Land of the kings" as also called as the Golden city because of its galore sand dunes and castles. Just like every old city, Jaisalmer has its own facts to declare, folk lore to impress and spirit to live. The courage, majesty, valiance tales of Rajputana and Jatt rulers of medieval era and their undaunted patriotism has kept the saga immortal in all these years.

Best Time to visit Jaisalmer- The best suited time for visit to Jaisalmer is in between October to March, especially in the winter season. Because during this period, the weather is most cherishing and its optimal condition for sightseeing as well as adventurous sports. The temperature remains comforting and varies between 5oC to 24oC. This time is just quintessential for sightseeing as well as adventurous sports in the Jaisalmer trip package.

However, in between April and August, the atmosphere becomes scorching heated and the afternoon time is not suitable for any journey. But after the dusk, the sands cool sooner and you can enjoy the lavishing night life in camping in the desert areas.


Best Places to visit Jaisalmer

If you wanna take your chance to visit Jaisalmer, make sure to visit these must-visiting places else your trip would have no sense. Some of these numerous magical places in Jaisalmer include-

  • Jaisalmer Fort-Among all the tourist spots in the Jaisalmer trip package, The Jaisalmer fort is the largest and most attractive place. Built by the patronage of Raja Rao Jaisal in 1156 AD, on Tirukuta hill, this fort has been enlisted under UNESCO World Heritage sites list. Because of its position in the golden sandy areas of Thar, this fort is also remembered as "Sonal Quilla" aka "Golden Fort". Its colossal structure and aesthetic beauty have kept this fort stood still with pride and has been representing the magic of Rajasthani architecture. Over tides of time, this fort has been a silent observer of numerous battles and successfully has endured its pride and glory with the flow of time.


  • Jain Temple, Jaisalmer- Situated in the Jaisalmer fort, this Jain Temple has an ancient and religious importance of the Jain community. Dedicated to the Jain Tirtahnkaras Rikhabdev Ji and Shambhav dev Ji, this place has been a true treasure of this city. All the seven temples are interconnected and made of golden yellow sandstones. These temples are also known as to be built for their architectural styles following the Dilwara temple on Mount Abu.


  • Desert National Park- Jaisalmer package includes this national park, placed in the fringe areas of the city and listed among the largest national parks of India. In the middle of the arid and sandy desert, this park has given the animal as well as birds and reptiles a perfect ecosystem to survive and populate to their very extent with safety. Tourists witness several animals like camels, foxes, chinkara, wolves, desert cats, antelopes and blackbucks. The best way to enjoy this park is to get you a Jeep safari by which you can enjoy into the wilderness without tiredness and gain some exciting experiences.


  • Gadisar Lake- Situated in the close proximity of the fort, This Gadisar Lake has become an oasis in the very heart of the desert. In the old times, without and irrigation systems or other scientific methods, this lake was built under the patronage of Raja Rawal Jaisal, keeping in mind for affluent supply of fresh water to the people of Jaisalmer. The scenic beauty and picturesque views of the lake, especially during the dusk, becomes the enchanting view for the nature lovers and photographers. Boating facilities are also available here. But its true magnificence is only can be experienced with an evening walk in the embankment of the lake.


  • Bada Bagh- Representing the ancient relics of Rajasthan's magnificent past, Bada Bagh is a series of cenotaphs set amidst the beautiful garden. Situated at 6 km far from the North of Jaisalmer, this place was originally built by Maharawal Jait Singh in the 16th century, for the prestigious royal families. Possessing a stunning and eyecatching view, this place is the best place to enjoy the reddish sky during sunset and sunrise in sightseeing in Jaisalmer. The chattris are of similar color same as the landscape, this place views as a mirage in the desert. This place is like heaven for the photographers and the romantic couple tourists.


  • Patwon Ki Haveli- Remembered as the Mansion of Brocode Merchants, this havelli has become a major tourist attraction in Jaisalemer. Its vibrant and colorful alleys and intricate carvings, this havelli depicts the rich grandeur of the old times. The entire complex forms a large mansion and possesses large numbers of architecture and beautiful stone works and the Archeological survey of India has certified it as a renowned architectural and historical site. The intricacy of this palce with large paintings and beautiful balconies, gateways represents the excellence of the contemporary artisans and sculptors.


  • Sam Sand Dunes- An offbeat tourist place, distant from the city, Sam Sand dunes is a famous destination in Jaisalmer sightseeing. right in the middle of the forts. These dunes, some of them are up to 50m high, are situated in the golden yellow sand up to the borders of the National park. Camping and camel riding are some of the major enjoyment you can do here.


  • Tanot Mata Temple- Situated in the Tanot village, this temple has become a major tourist destination in Jaisalmer. Engulfed with numerous legends, it attracts your mind into the purity and curiosity. According to the oldest Charan literature, this temple is an incarnation of Goddess Hinglaj Mata. This temple is under protection of Border security force (BSF) since Indo-Pak war 1971.


How to reach Jaisalmer?

The desert city Jaisalmer has been attracting the hordes of tourists since the medieval era. You can reach here in Jaisalmer travel packages by air, road and train.

  • By Air- Even if this place does not have any own civic airport, but the Jodhpur airport is the nearest one for Jaisalemer. This airport receives flights from Delhi, Bangalore as well as Mumbai and Kolkata. Air India and Jet Airways are providing economic as well as business class flight facilities to this airport.


  • By Train- The Jaisalmer Railway station has ample connectivity with India's major places like Delhi and Jaipur. Some of the most preferred train routes are- JAisalmer express and Jodhpur-Jaisalmer express. Easy availability of rickshaws and cabs are available from the railway station to various spots.


  • By Road- The most preferred journey mode is by road. Jaisalmer has good connectivity with several major cities including Gujarat and Rajasthan. The entire major buses both government and Private are available here.


Most Amazing Things to do-

Some of the most amazing things to do in Jaisalmer holiday packages include-

  • Sightseeing in Jaisalmer fort, Gadisar lake, Patwori havelli, Nathmal Havelli, Badabagh
  • Camel safari in sam sand dunes, thar desert
  • Dune bashing in the desert
  • Camping in the dunes and winds desert camp
  • Rajasthani cuisines only for the foodies, mandatory bhang lassi
  • Romantic dinner in sunset place and vyas chhatri
  • Exploration of architecture in havellis, kuldhara village, khaba fort
  • Experience the festivities in Jaisalmer desert festival.
  • Jaisalmer local bazaar for the shopaholics.
  • Para sailing and Para motoring in Jaisalmer fort


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