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The Rajasthan area provides you with a majestic collection of forts and palaces to experience. Why not luxuriate in one of our heritage hotels and resorts Rajasthan. And, imagine-only for your time here that you have been transported back to a period of Maharajas and Maharanis. Elegant furnishings and vibrant costumes, long after you have moved on to new pastures. The evocative presence of this most magical land will remain with you. All of this can be provided by our exclusive hotels and provide a luxurious base from which to marvel at the grandeur of the surrounding architecture and the awe-inspiring spiritual nature of the many ornate temples perpetuating the landscape. With Hidden Retreats offering the best luxury Hotels and Resorts of Rajasthan, the area can offer all of this and more.

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India is renowned for its variety of amazing regional cuisines and nothing more than Rajasthan. Here you can dine in the atmosphere of holy shrines, nourishing your body, mind, and spirit. You can get entry to all these by the treats of Hotels & Resorts, Rajasthan. No need to go any further to find a luxury hotel or 5-star hotels in Rajasthan. It is one of the royal destinations of India with all the luxury. The collection of properties and experiences curated by the Hidden Retreats will bless you with luxury, comfort, and style, but seek spiritual blessings in one of the nation's holiest sanctuaries, such as Ajmer Sharif, the sacred resting place of Moinuddin Chishti, the holy Sufi Saint.

All the travelers do come back from their visit to the shrine. A palace of beautiful architecture and melodious shrine in Ajmer. The palace is wrapped up in layers of marble, silver and as well as of gold. The tourists get engrossed in the beauty and wonderful scenes of the palace. The Heritage Tour of Rajasthan includes the land of forts and palaces and full of glorious legends. In addition to traditional and offbeat historical sightseeing tours, cultural shows, visit/stay at the heritage hotels. Rajasthan's popular Dal Baati Churma can be sampled anywhere, from Jaisalmer to Jodhpur, and particularly in one of Rajasthan's most popular cities-Jaipur. It is not just here in Ajmer that you can enjoy regional cuisine.

A Stay at a Rajasthan Luxury Hotel is Full of Color and Life

You can choose a luxury out of the best Resort in Rajasthan and plan your trip accordingly. You can also opt for a destination tour, or you can choose to stroll through the busy bazaars and late-night markets, taking time to see people in this life-bursting city. Rajasthan has something for everyone, from temples to tigers and dare-devil activities to wide-open deserts, and with Secret Retreats helping you plan and hand-pick your exclusive accommodation, you really can't go wrong.

Heritage Tour in Rajasthan

It is certainly not possible to exclude Rajasthan, the land of kings and princes when it comes to Indian culture. This state has it all, from varied topography, diverse population, forts, palaces, Havelis, fairs, and festivals. To top it all off, the people here are nice, supportive, and deliver the very best hospitality. The Rajasthan heritage tours offer a glorious sense of all this. It is here that one gets to experience a distinctive culture that allows you to ask for more. Every place is mystic, hypnotic, and utterly out of this universe.

It is honestly heaven for the tourists to come from all over the world and visit heritage tours of Rajasthan. The history, wonderful architecture, traditional lifestyle, and their remembrances are so absorbing. The heritage hotels of Rajasthan offer a perfect opportunity to quench your curiosity. And adding to these unforgettable moments, you're never going to be short of alternatives. You can choose from options for Havelis, fort and Heritage hotels of Rajasthan, from the capital city, Jaipur, to the romantic city of Lakes Udaipur, blue-shaded Jodhpur to many offbeat locations.

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