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At Jawai Bandh, Rajasthan. Excellent location to spot the most elusive cat- The Leopard. Famous for – Leoprds, Marsh crocodiles and Migratory birds. Luxurious stay at camp in swiss tent.

Whenever we talk about wildlife activities in Rajasthan, we come across the names of many sanctuaries and places like Ranthambore, Sariska Tiger Reserve, Mukundara Tiger Reserve, Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary, where we can enjoy wildlife safari and trekking. But there is also a place which is still quite untouched; Jawai, located in Pali district, which is home to many leopards and different species of animals and birds. Jawai Hills is a magnificent place in the Pali district of Rajasthan, which i

Surrounded by the Aravalli Hills and the Jawai River, Bera is a perfect habitat for panthers or leopards. You will not believe this village is home to 60 to 65 panthers. If seen, the example of a perfect understanding between leopards and humans is seen in Bera or Jawai. Leopards have not attacked any humans till date, even though they roam freely in the fields and villages every night, nor have they been harmed by humans. Jawai Bandh Tourism is very famous in Rajasthan for these panthers.

Enjoy Panther Safari in Jawai

Taking a safari has been always a great experience and when you are on your Jawai Bandh Trip Packages you can also go for the Jawai panther safari which is offered to you by different resorts or campuses. Here, you get to see leopards up close and you find them in a completely different environment. In the rest of the forests of India, you get to see large dense forests, where it becomes very difficult to find leopards. But here, you can easily spot them as they are always sitting on the rocks.

Go For Bird Watching At Jawai Dam

During winters in Jawai, activities like bird watching are very loud. Here, you can see over 100 species of birds. Flamingos can also be seen here, believe me, many different species of birds are seen here in every season. Every bird lover must visit Bera at least once on their Jawai Bandh Tour.

Visit Hill Temples

You can find a whole range of hill temples in this area and you don't need to be a religious person for this. Because visiting a hill temple is as thrilling as exploring wildlife in a safari. Visiting the Pahari Temple is a unique experience and when you do it in Bera, you get to do and see many other things as well on your Jawai Bandh Vacation Packages. You can enjoy the adventure here, because many times panthers are seen here on the temple stairs and looking around for the temple itself.

View Jawai Dam

Believe me, when you see the structure of Jawai Bandh, you will be left admiring it. You will find many places here from where you can take spectacular panoramic pictures of the entire region. This is a place where you will get a chance to experience the vastness of the hills and the serene nature of the river together. You can also go boating in the river by talking to a local fisherman here. No matter what season you book Jawai Bandh Journey Packages, Jawai Dam will never disappoint you in terms of beauty.

Watch Big Crocodiles Hunting Activities

Imagine that you are sitting here watching crocodiles hunt other birds or animals, you got Goosebumps in thinking. There are many crocodiles in the Jawai River, which you can see while sunbathing and you will get the opportunity to see many big crocodiles here which we have probably only seen in TV till now.

View the Villages of the Tribal Rewaris

In the villages of Jawai and Bera, you can see very closely the lifestyle of the tribal’s, who lead a peaceful life far away from the cities. When you see those handling cattle and crops, your heart will also want to settle down in the same village. Yes, there is a lack of facilities here, but these tribal teach us many lessons which we can apply in our life and make it better. And if you are a photographer, then without visiting these villages, your youth journey will be incomplete, when you see those rewaris in their colorful clothes and turbans, then you will not be able to stop yourself without taking their photo.

Enjoy Camping

There are many resorts in Jawai that can give you the pleasure of camping; the specialty of these tents is that they provide all the amenities you need. These tents are equipped with plush bedding, air conditioner, furniture and all the services and are quite big inside. If you stayed in these tents once, then you will remember that time in your life forever.

Best Time to Visit Jawai?

Although you can experience the thrill of seeing a size panther at any time of the year in Jawai, according to the residents there is no such time when you will not get to see panthers here. But still, October to February is considered to be the best time to come here because due to the cold at that time panthers come out of their caves to sunbathe on the rocks and hills, due to which the chances of their sighting become very high.

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