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Set your foot within the marvel land of Bikaner, the land of lavish palaces, fabulous forts, brilliant manors and acres of shiny sand within the state of Rajasthan which will amaze you and provide a singular expertise. A quaint desert city with picturesque natural beauty, Bikaner incorporates a wealthy and spirited culture. The Junagarh Fort, Lalgarh Palace, Laxmi Niwas Palace etc. Are a number of the attractions in Bikaner t

Best Time to Visit Bikaner

The best time to go to Bikaner is in winter, between Nov and Feb. The cooler temperatures and gratifying weather build this the best time for travelers to range round the forts, palaces, and bazaars at leisure. The temperature hovers between four °C (39 °F) and twenty three °C (73 °F). Since the nights may be frosty, you'd act to hold some jackets and many woolen accessories to stay you comfortable.


Best Places to visit in Bikaner

The desert town of Bikaner features a sure medieval charm that shines through as you explore its fort and also the recent town. Take a walk on its winding lanes and admire the sweetness of its red arenaceous rock Havelis and ancient Jainist temples. The places to go to in Bikaner square measure a traveler’s dream.

Bikaner is about up sort of a tourist town with ample accommodation and exciting artiodactyl mammal safaris, however, travelers don’t sometimes finish up here. However, there's a great deal to explore in Bikaner and you'll be able to jazz all at a leisurely pace. The eighteenth century, 7km wall that encompasses the recent town is a testament to Bikaner’s

Set up in 1448 by a Rathore blue blood UN agency didn’t need to inherit a kingdom from his father, Bikaner was born out of the geographical region that was erstwhile referred to as Jangladesh. Settled in northern Rajasthan, the region that's Bikaner is ridge country and camels square measure everyplace. It's aforementioned that a number of the most effective artiodactyl mammals is found here and it's no marvel that folks provide Jaisalmer’s camel expedition a miss, so as to possess additional laidback expertise here in Bikaner.

Rajasthan is like an Associate in Nursing exquisite buffet meal. All dishes on supply leave a long-lasting impression. Here square measure the foremost attractions you must not facet step whereas in Bikaner.


  • Junagarh Fort - A stunning bastion, each within and out

Most forts in the Rajasthan area unit alert on a rocky outcrop looming over the town. Bikaner’s Junagarh is on no such pedestal however it absolutely was ne'er conquered throughout its history. A 986m wall surrounds the fort with thirty-seven bastions and a dry trench creating it nearly impenetrable, and you enter via the Suraj politician (Sun Gate). Within could be a Brobdingnagian complicated of palaces, suites, towers, balconies and courtyards with their carvings still intact.

Head towards the Diwan-i-Khas (Hall of personal Audience) wherever you'll be able to explore the glimmering gold ceiling and also the silver cushiony throne of the maharajah. The Phool Mahal (Flower Palace) is additionally a grand piece of design.

The Badal Mahal (Palace of the Clouds) has walls that area unit completely painted with downlike blue clouds. Karan Mahal and Anup Mahal have a number of the best design in Rajasthan and might be divided into 3 major varieties. The manovat vogue employs a clay pillar moulded on plaster and gilded with gold foil; the jangali sunthari vogue involves painting tangled floral motifs on dark-green plaster; and also the sonakin vogue options an easy white plaster canvas made public with elegant patterns and stuffed in with gold leaf.

The Hawa Mahal (Palace of the Winds) employs ancient Muslim art patters on its ceiling aboard varied scenes of avatar terpsichore. The blue tiles found here were foreign from China and Europe. All across Junagarh Fort, one finds samples of the luxuriousness that after created Bikaner an awfully flush princely state.

Opposite Suraj politician is that the Prachina Cultural Centre & repository that homes a desirable assortment of royal objects of Rajasthani and British influence. You may realize dainty tableware residing next to Rajasthani costumes, textiles and jewelry. Undoubtedly price a visit if you wish to check however the maharajas were influenced by British culture.


  • Rampuria Havelis— Red arenaceous rock mansions of luxuriousness

From the entrances to the reticulated windows, the jharokhas (casements) to the gumaharias (basements), this cluster of Havelis (aristocratic mansions) area unit a number of the foremost exotic structures all told of Bikaner. Even writer couldn’t resist its charms.

Constructed within the 15th century for the rich Rampuria family, these palatial homes reside antiques of a bygone era. The drawing rooms, courtyards and balconies area unit mesmerising to explore and from the skin, the red arenaceous rock offers Rampuria Havelis a witching glow.

Even if you’re not associate degree subject enthusiast, you may marvel at the method Rajpoot, Mughal and Victorian motifs are thus esthetically used to form these grandiose residences of recent.


  • Lalgarh Museum—A day within the lifetime of a maharajah

While the Lalgarh Palace has been reborn into a luxury edifice, tourists will still visit the Sri Sadul depository (Lalgarh Museum) on the primary floor. Guests get AN insider’s read of the lifetime of a maharajah in concert explores black-and-white pictures of looking journeys, royal golf clubs, and ancient typewriters and film projectors. Additionally on show could be a tokna- a brass instrumentation for aggregation revenue that was sent via artiodactyl to the state treasury. Overall, Lalgarh depository offers guests a peek into the privileged lives of the Bikaner maharajas.


  • Ganga Government Museum—A comprehensive machine

Situated on Jaipur Road, is that the Ganga Government repository that homes a comprehensive choice starting from Harappa civilization artefacts to royal heirlooms. The displays area unit showing neatness organized and embody labyrinthine gold paintings by Usta artists, Gupta amount terracotta pottery, ancient musical instruments, and a miniature model of the Royal Bikaner train. A remarkable section is that the one that contains original decrees of Mughal Emperors and native maharajas. The textile and carpet gallery incorporates a immense assortment of hand-woven rugs that area unit a joy to lay eyes on. Don’t leave while not exploring the Harappan objects that interchange stark distinction to the imperial artefacts of the maharajas.


  • Gajner life Sanctuary—Heaven for the character enthusiast

Less than associate hour faraway from the hustle-and-bustle of Bikaner may be a sanctuary that guarantees to enwrap you within the arms of Mother Nature. The previous looking ground of maharajas, the Gajner life Sanctuary is home to a range of birds and animals. A hunting expedition here can see you notice blue bulls, antelope, deer, wild boar, blue bull and desert foxes. For the bird lover in you are ready for fast sightings of sand grouse, wildfowl, and a bunch of migratory birds if you’re visiting within the winter.


  • Devi Kund—A royal memorial ground

The red arenaceous rock and marble cenotaphs area unit a fitting tribute to the previous maharajas of Bikaner. Settled 8 kms east of Bikaner city center, Hindu deity Kund Sagar could be a must-visit for those fascinated by the dying of the Bikaner royalty. Even in death, the cenotaphs of prince Anup Singh and Surat Singh area unit imposing structures that be exploration. The former’s monument stands on sixteen pillars and adorned with carvings of peacocks, animals, and Krishna. Don’t miss out on Surat Singh’s white marble chattri and complicated Rajputana paintings that adorn the ceiling. Hindu deity Kund additionally homes 22 cenotaphs of feminine royalty United Nations agency committed sati.

  • National analysis Centre on Camel—Get to grasp the Ship of the Desert

The bio-physical makeup of a artiodactyl makes it associate degree professional at adapting to life within the desert, wherever water is scarce and therefore the sun perpetually fierce. The NRCC is doing a little groundbreaking work with relation to these desert animals and therefore the 8 km trip here is unquestionably value it slow. With over two hundred camels, at completely different stages of maturity, you may learn a issue or 2 concerning however vital these animals square measure to Rajasthan. Don’t forget to undertake the contemporary artiodactyl milk frozen dessert for a once-in-a-lifetime expertise. The deposit and facility tour is around half-hour long and you'll even register for a artiodactyl ride here. Healthy Camels square measure best-known to figure up to thirty days while not food and water in winter and seven days in summer!


  • Kote Gate Bazaar—A shopaholic’s haven

The grand recent Kote Gate separates the recent town from the new and it's the primary glimpse you get of Bikaner’s royal past. Kote Gate could be a major landmark within the town, and once you’re done marvelling at its grandiose design, build your thanks to the active bazaar that lies ahead. You'll be able to buy everything from even-toed ungulate hide to miniature paintings, and Kote Gate Bazaar is that the good Bikaner destination to select up souvenirs to mark some time in even-toed ungulate country. Any curious somebody are going to be drawn to the quantity of food stalls here merchandising freshly created native things.


  • Karni Mata Temple—A shrine straight out of a Brothers Grimm fairytale

South of Bikaner, 30 kms away, within the city of Deshnok, sits the imposing Karni Mata Temple. Karni Mata is believed to be associate degree incarnation of divinity Hindu deity. What sets this temple except the others in Rajasthan is that the huge population of rodents that co-exist with the traveling pilgrims. There square measure over 20,000 rats that scurry across the temple floors, utterly reception with the crowds. The pilgrims worship these creatures and feed them prasad (religious food offerings) within the type of sugar balls. You may notice holes on the edges of the temple halls to permit these holy rodents higher access to the worshippers.


  • Shri Laxminath Temple—An ancient shrine that also stands tall

Lord Vishnu was considered verity king of Bikaner by its maharajas and this temple is devoted to Vishnu and Laxmi. Simply one in all the oldest temples in Bikaner, the most effective time to go to this spot is throughout the foremost Hindu festivals. The temple grounds change state and you'll be able to get a true feel of Rajasthani culture.

The fantastically carven idols and complicated wall-work create this a must-visit for pilgrims and curious travellers, alike.


How to Reach Bikaner

If you would like to fly to Bikaner, the closest Jodhpur airport. The 2 railway stations in Bikaner are situated at an equal distance of six km from City. Also, the city is connected via roads to all the outstanding cities in India.

  • By Air:

Jodhpur airport is the nearest airport to Bikaner, that is around 255 km away from the Bikaner city. It's connected with all the metro cities of India like Delhi, Jaipur, Mumbai, Bengaluru, Hyderabad, Lucknow, Pune, Goa, Indore, Guwahati, Ahmedabad, Jammu, Chennai, and others. The airport even has International flights from Chicago, Los Angeles, London, Paris, New York, San Francisco, Frankfurt, Amsterdam, Bangkok, Singapore, Hong Kong, and Zurich. Bikaner has a domestic airport known as Nal Airport, that is found about 17.5 km from Bikaner, but is presently under construction.

  • By Train:

There are 2 main railway stations in Bikaner-Bikaner Junction and Lalgarh railway station. Both the stations are settled at a distance of approximately 6 kms away from most cities and are well-connected with most of the Indian cities like Delhi, Jodhpur, Ahmedabad, Kolkatta, Hyderabad, Guwahati, Thiruvananthapuram, Jammu, Mumbai and other. A number of the trains that run through this route are Rajasthan Sampark Kranti express, Bikaner Intercity, Kalka Barmer Chandigarh Express, Delhi Sarai Rohilla, Secunderabad Bikaner Express, Adi Jat Express, Jammu Tawi-Ahmedabad express.

  • By Road:

The National and State Highways like NH 11, 15, & 89 are alright linked with different major cities and metros in India. Depending on the budget, the tourists will book Volvo, luxury, cool, non-air-conditioned, and deluxe buses, or prefer a sleeper coach for a comfortable journey. The most popular routes that operate from Bikaner connects Jaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Udaipur, Ajmer/Pushkar, Kota, Jhunjhunu, Pali, Ganganagar, Agra, Delhi and Ahmedabad.


Most Amazing Things to do-

Some of the most amazing things to do in Bikaner holiday packages include-

  • Attend the famous Camel Festival
  • Shop your heart out at Kote Gate
  • Take a tour of the majestic Junagarh Fort
  • Visit the popular Karni Mata Temple
  • Witness the splendor of the Lalgarh Palace
  • Enjoy a camel safari in the Thar
  • Relish the taste of the local cuisines
  • Experience utmost luxury at the Laxmi Vilas Palace
  • Go wildlife spotting in the Gajner Wildlife Sanctuary
  • Beat the heat at the Skybird Water Park