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Jodhpur - Jodhpur, also famous as “The Blue City”, is like a jewel in the midst of arid Rajasthan. Established in the 1459 by King Rao Jodha, Jodhpur is the first place in Rajasthan where the Sun rays land, hence called the “Sun City”. Along with its befitting architecture, Jodhpur is also famous for its forts, palaces, temples, havellis etc. The name Blue city is because all of the palaces and houses are built with vivid blue sand stones which portrays as a second bl

Best Time to visit Jodhpur - In between October to March is experienced to be the best-suited time to visit Jodhpur. In this period, the temperature ranges between 7oC to 24oC. You can enjoy several tourist adventurous activities like- desert camping, camel riding, visiting various forts, temples and witness the holy spiritual festivals here.

But if you want to avail in the Jodhpur Trip package in between April to July during the summer, the temperature during the day time becomes so scorching and dry and sometimes it peaks up to 45oC. But when the sun sets in the west, the sand radiates rapidly, by making your evening trip pleasant and memorable. During this time, with the cool breezes touching your face, you can astound yourself with the majestic reddish dusky sky and the cool ambiance. However, during the rainy days July to September, the trip is to be avoided. 

Best Places to visit in Jodhpur

  • Meherangarh fort- Meherangarh fort has stood still during the tide of time as the Pride of Jodhpur with its sumptuous architecture and diverse history. Renowned as one of the protuberant and magnificent forts of Rajasthan, this Meherangarh fort was built in 1459AD by Raja Rao Jodha on the hill in the outskirts of the city. Seven gates guard the different entry points to this fort, each one with its own specific purpose. Those gates are called- victory gate, Fateh Gate, Gopal gate, Bhairon gate, Dedh Kamgra gate, Marti gate and Loha gate. With its intricate sculptorship on the walls and gates, sprawling courtyards and hallways and galleries allure the visitors from all over the place.


  • Jaswant Thada- Built as the Mausoleum of King Sardar Singh of Marwar family in 1899, this beautiful marble made cenotaph monument is famous for the cremation ground of the Royal family. Filled with the intricate carvings on the entrance steps, this place is considered as the architectural milestone of Jodhpur travel package. With the local performers dancing, singing and playing traditional musical instruments, the ambience of Jaswant Thada entraps your mind in a Royal era.


  • Mandore Garden- Placed at the distance of 10 km from the city, Jodhpur tourist destinations include Mandore garden is a hub of the lush greenery garden, exquisite architecture and royal cenotaphs. Built by the patronage of the royal Pratihara dynasty, this Mandore garden is a part of Meherangarh fort. The beautiful dewals found in the garden are one of the most prominent cenotaphs all over the garden. Another one feature is the “Hall of Heros”, which has 16 figurines of valiant warriors carved from a single rock.


  • Umaid Bhawan Palace- Umaid Bhawan Palace in Jodhpur is a fascinating fusion of the heritage past and opulent past in Jodhpur sightseeing. It is used as a heritage hotel, a museum, and the residence of Royal Family of Raja Gaj Singh. Built in the 1929, this place has been the historic landmark to provide employment to the draught-stricken farmers an alternative source of employment. With its exquisite dining experiences, Umaid Bhawan Palace is world famous for its warm hospitality and luxurious suites.


  • Ghanta Ghar- A magnificent clock tower, Ghanta Ghar is built in the very heart of the city, by Maharaja Sardar singh in the 18th century. One of the popular landmarks of the old Jodhpur, this tower provides an astounding view from its top. Surrounding this Ghanta Ghar, there lays the busiest and largest market place in Jodhpur package.


  • Kaylana Lake-This Kaylana Lake is the biggest artificial lake in Jodhpur, built under the patronage of Maharaja Pratap singh in 1872. Located at the 8km west to Jodhpur, this lake is used as the primary resource for drinking water for the people. It’s a perfect halt station for the people tripping from Jodhpur to Jaisalmer. The calm pristine ambience filled with babul trees, rocky formations gives a heartful for the bird lovers. This place nearby is dotted with several temples.  


  • Phool Mahal- Considered to the most lavish and beautiful building of the Meherangarh fort and important stop in Jodhpur tourism, the Phool Mahal was built by Maharaja Abhaya Singh in the 18th century. The extravagant design and decoration of this room and less accessibility from other parts of the fort indicates that this was being used for private purposes by selected royal people only. Ornamented with gold filigree in the ceilings and hall walls, this splendid artistry of colors depicts the creativity and intricacy of the contemporary artisans.

How to reach Jodhpur?

If you want to visit Jodhpur via the Jodhpur holiday package, here are some modes that you can avail.

  • By Air- The Jodhpur Airport is just 5km distant from the city. Regular business class as well as economy class services both are available. This airport connects to all major cities in Rajasthan as well as some of the other metro cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore, Hyderabad and Kolkata. The Indira Gandhi national airport is the nearest one with connectivity will all over the cities in the world. 


  • By Train- Being well connected with the railways, Jodhpur is interlinked with some of the major cities like- Delhi, Chennai, Kolkata, Mumbai etc. Some of the most popular and decorated trains that runs through Jodhpur includes- Rajasthan Sampark Kranti express, Howrah0-Jodhpur superfast express, Jaisalmer-Delhi express, Suryanagari express, Chennai-Jodhpur express etc.



  • By Bus- With its national highways and state highways, Jodhpur is well connected with the major cities of India by road. It’s linked with Jaipur, Delhi, Jaisalmer, Bikaner and Agra. Excellent quality Rajasthan state transport buses and luxurious Volvo buses are also available to Jodhpur.

Some amazing things to do-

There are a vast number of things to do in Jodhpur. This Jodhpur travel guide will surely mean your visit to Jodhpur a well-memorable part of your life.

  • Ride the Jodhpur flying fox- The adrenaline junkies can’t resist this unique chance to go zip-lining above the Meherangarh fort. This circuit of six zip-lines takea around 90 minutes journey to complete. You can enjoy the bird’s eye view of the whole Jodhpur while moving at a 30km per hour speed.


  • Wander through the Rao Jodha Rock Park- Developed in the 2006; this rock park has only aim to restore the natural beauty of the wasteland area of the fort. Some of the 80 indigenous rocky plants are planted here, giving the visitors a better understanding of the ecosystem. Stretched through almost 70 hectares, this rock park has a hiking and walking trail.


  • Overlander Desert Safaris- Exploring the little hamlets and rural lifestyle of Rajasthan, you can experience the rural hinterland of the indigenous people with this overlander safari. In this safari, you can enjoy the nuanced sight of various migratory birds and can also enjoy the deliciousness of the Bajra roti and desi ghee made by the rural women.


  • Mouth-watering snacks- If you are a true foodie, and fond of trying different traditional foods, then this place is just the right place for you. There are many famous Rajasthan style restaurants which serve the very delicate, very delicious authentic traditional foods which will surely rejuvenate your taste buds. Don’t forget to try the very own snack “Mawe ki Kachori” and dry fruits coated with sugar syrups.

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