Places To Explore In Rajasthan during Monsoon

Places To Explore In Rajasthan during Monsoon

Places To Explore In Rajasthan during Monsoon

We all know that it is very hot in Rajasthan and because of this; monsoon is welcomed there with great joy and passion. Actually, with the arrival of monsoon, the people of Rajasthan get some relief from the rotting heat and because of this; the happiness of the people is different. The people of the state look happy in monsoon and not only have the people, but the environment and even the trees and plants looked very beautiful. Rajasthan Monsoon Tour a living proof of how the weather patterns in the western part of the country during the rainy season. The dry barren landscape turns into a green, fiery field during the monsoons. The harsh sun disappears behind gray, fat clouds of rain. Rajasthan offers every element to fall in love with in the arid state of monsoon.

In such a situation, if you like the rainy season, then you must definitely add these 5 places in Rajasthan Monsoon Tour Packages. In monsoon, the land of Rajasthan gets a lot of water and the trees and plants here also look very beautiful.


Udaipur, the city of lakes, looks even more beautiful in monsoon. There are many places you can visit in Udaipur and you will love all these places. The rainy season adds to the beauty of this Royal Estate and you will enjoy it very much. You can watch the beautiful sunsets by the lake and the cool breeze touching your face during this time will give you a kind of calmness. Never miss any opportunity to explore Udaipur during your Rajasthan Monsoon Trip.

Mount Abu

The hills are very romantic getaway during monsoons. You can enjoy the weather from one of your resorts and enjoy an early monsoon vacation with your loved ones. Nakki Lake is surrounded by greenery from all sides and is filled with calm blue waters.


The beauty of Pushkar also increases during the monsoon season. The view of the ghat in the rain while sitting in a cafe and sipping a hot cup of coffee is a must-visit for Pushkar in monsoons.


If you love forest retreats with only greenery from everywhere, then Ranakpur is the perfect place for you. It is located right in the middle of the Aravallis where you can see the charm of the mountain range.


Situated at the foothills of the Swarnagiri hills, the lush green hills provide mesmerizing views. A marvel to visit in Jalore during monsoon is the 900-year-old Sundha Mata Temple at the top of Sundha Mountain. The sights of Rajasthan will give you a full opportunity to get into your environment and you will also get into it to a great extent. Without wasting any time, you should come here at least once with your family, friends etc. Rajasthani culture will not give you a chance to despair at all. Book your Rajasthan Monsoon Holiday Packageswith Go Rajasthan Travel. We focus on every single need of the tourist. No matter what your budget is, we have so many designed itineraries for Rajasthan Monsoon Tour Package ranging from economy to the luxurious.