Take Your Rajasthan Village Tours with Us

Take Your Rajasthan Village Tours with Us

Little village in Thar desert, Jaisalmer, Rajasthan, India

You should take a Rajasthan Village Tour package if you enjoy village life and wish to spend some time in India’s rural areas among the locals to get a sense of the true rural culture and heritage of Rajasthan. The rural culture and its distinctiveness have been kept so dearly by the Rajasthani peasants that you can see the centuries-old custom still being practiced there. The locals make a living by engaging in traditional jobs including farming, livestock husbandry, and handcraft. The cottage industry is well-established across the state.

Bishnoi Village

This settlement, which is part of the Bishnoi tribes’ legacy, is located in the desert region near Jodhpur. They have extensive expertise using information and technology to save the environment. The ideal activity to enjoy is a camel ride if you wish to tour the hamlet. The people have done an excellent job of maintaining the area’s natural vegetation. In this village, you may take pleasure in rustic cow-milching and see pottery making up close. The occupants’ spotless mud-thatched cottages will show you what it means to live in a rural area. The Rajasthan Village Trip is where Bishnoi village gets its notoriety.

Khuri Village

This town, which is surrounded by hills and sand dunes, is located 42 km from Jaisalmer. This community is the ideal representation of rural life in arid desert areas if you want to understand how it may be. You may take a camel safari to this Khuri settlement, which is located in the Thar Desert. The tourism attractions offered by the mud and straw-covered homes are alluring in their own right. While sand boarding through the desert, you may stop at this village to see the locals, their thatched homes, Kalbeliya dance, stargazing the magnificent night sky, and enjoying the finest Rajasthani cuisine. Additionally, you may see your favourite camel races and polos held here in Trip.

Khimsar Villages 

This hamlet, constructed in 1523 AD under the patronage of Raja Karamasji Rao, is designed in the style of a heritage hotel for the opulent stays at the palace and enjoys the vitality of the best architecture and beautiful decor. This village, which is part of a Rajasthan village tour, is located on the route that runs from Jodhpur to Bikaner. It is modelled after the Arabian Nights narrative of how golden sands create an illusion of the Khimsar dunes in the Thar Desert. The Khimsar Fort-cum-Heritage Hotel is the village’s unique draw. Beautiful courtyards, rich gardens, and eye-catching fountains encircle and beautify this mansion. Do discover this village in your Rajasthan Village Trip Packages. Therefore, you must take advantage of the Rajasthan Village Tour Packages that we provide if you’re interested in experiencing rural life in Rajasthan’s most remote regions. We are at Go Rajasthan Travel, which is well known for its hospitality and service in providing tours of Rajasthan. We have commercial ties to several hotel chains, particularly rural-themed historical hotels spread around the state, as well as the high caliber transport services, so we can provide you the vacation of a lifetime. We also provide you with numerous other Rajasthan Village Tourism Packages.