Pack your Bag with your Rajasthan Trip

Pack your Bag with your Rajasthan Trip

Pack your Bag with your Rajasthan Trip

When we say Rajasthan Trip, what are you most probably to remember? The wonderful royal residences, the superb camel rides? Gallant legends and romantic stories? The lively culture and entrancing legacy? Or on the other hand is it just all that is referenced previously? Indeed, the “The Land of Kings” for you is this, and that’s just the beginning. Rajasthan, an unbelievably delightful state found in Northwest India is one immortal marvel that no movement epicurean ought to at any point miss visiting. All the outdated structural wonders standing tall as instances of Rajasthan royals’ wealth, it is that put on the planet that has anything to bring to the table on its platter to all the travel industry buffs. Come; let us visit through this dazzling Rajasthan Tour Packages and learn of everything in detail.

Top Bag packing destinations in Rajasthan


Also called as ‘The Pink City’ is a large urban metropolis built around a city Centre, which is absolutely nothing like anything you might find in the West World or certain other parts of Asia. Inside the city walls, you’ll find a network of pink buildings and olden architecture, now taken over by boundless market shops. What you won’t find is anything similar to a bar, restaurant or supermarket, which since Jaipur is home to around 7 million residences might not be quite what you’re expecting from its urban Centre.


Pushkar is a remarkable, profound town built around a little lake 3 hours from Jaipur, which is home to the closest air terminal. The lake is encircled by temples and little Ghats and it is an immensely important place for Hindus. It is supposed to be the seat of one of the Hindu Holy Trinity – Brahma. Legend has spread far and wide suggesting that the devil Vajra Nabha murdered Brahma’s kids here anyhow Brahma retaliated utilizing a lotus flower (Pushkar) as his weapon. Pushkar is truth be told, little however, there are severe guidelines in the town where no meat or liquor at all is allowed. In the event that you come during November make certain to look at the Pushkar Camel Fair, which assumes control over the town for about 14 days around the full moon.


Also called ‘The Golden City’ as it is known due to its closeness to the desert is the final Western boundary for many travelers in India. It’s not far from the Pakistan border and you can get pretty near to it by taking a camel or jeep safari into the Thar Desert, which is one of the top tourist attractions of Rajasthan Tourism. Trips range from just an afternoon to upwards of a week and it’s certainly worth doing an overnight trip for a bit of star watching in the vastness of the Thar Desert.

Before leaving on your bag packing trip to Rajasthan, a Rajasthan Travel Guide like Go Rajasthan Travel would assist you with smoothing out your Trip Packages and would likewise pre inform you about how to get the best experience out of your Rajasthan Holiday Packages. Another advantage of booking us is we will plan for you according to your need and schedule the trip as per your requirement.