Rajasthan Tourism

An Insight into Rajasthan Tourism

“A Place Of Peace, Courageous Men, Splendid Testimonies, Good Destinations and Extraordinary Architecture “

With breath-taking forts and havellis, and beautiful folk dance and music, countless no. of tales and delicious food, welcomes you to the Lad of the Kings, Rajasthan Tourism. Ages old opulence and grandeur traces of royalty still fills the very air of this state. With a strong blend of, ethnicity, history, cuisine and music and culture of Rajasthan one can surely fall in love with this place. Filled with stories of Rajas and Maharajas and their majestic palaces and forts, filled with honor, chivalry and heroism. Golden sand deserts and traditional handicrafts all contribute to form Rajasthan as an ideal vacation spot. With the panoramic views, especially of the sunset, the traditional greeting “Khamma Ghani” will show the intimacy of the Rajasthanis.

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Fairs and Festivals

Lively fairs and festivals play an important role in Rajasthan Tourism. With the cheerful mode and vibrant culture, these series of fairs observed throughout the year adds color to this arid land of the desert state. These dazzling fairs and festivals attract the tourist into the interwoven web of culture, art and traditions with a lot of royal touch. To savor the true spirits of Rajasthan, visiting during the festival times will set some of the amazing memories.

These arrays of fairs and festivals like the Pushkar festival, Gangaur festival, Kite festival, Teej, Marwar festival, Elephant festival, Camel festival, International desert festival, international Sufi festival, Urs festival  etc are celebrated in a magnificent way.  With each and every festival of great joy, happiness and enthusiasm, these festivals also depicts the importance of tradition, humanity, and respect for  the animals like camel, elephants and horses. They eventually become as the way of expressing culture, heritage and nature, in the pure Rajasthan style.

To add more enjoyment and adventure, some of the traditional yet adventurous sports and competitions are organized like- Turban tying, horse, camel and elephant racing, cock and bull fighting, puppet shows, and Mr. & Mrs. Desert competitions also serve an exceptional platform to represent the traditional artifacts and handicrafts which cherish the hearts of the shopaholics and art lovers.

Rajasthani Foods

The delicious and mouth-watering West Indian delicacies of Rajasthan are one of the first-rate things to enjoy inside the Rajasthan tour.  Encouraged by means of the scorching heat, excessive climate condition and restrained availability of water and plants, the Rajasthan cuisine has evolved out of the precise cooking fashion and the pugnacious way of life of its neighboring states. Starting from numerous forms of bread and rotis, to maintain with spiced and ghee-outstanding curries with type of lentils and legumes, accompaniments like Moong dal and pyaaj ki kachoris, bhujia, bajre ka khichda, kher sangria, dal bhati churma, and numerous finger-licking chutneys and finishing up by using digestive butter, milk simply rejuvenate the flavor buds of the vacationers. Also, additional desserts like- churma, lapsi, malpua, ghewar, and laddoos also fix the bored daily food routine of a foodie. With the influence of Rajputana style, the non-veg platters include- laal maas, jungle maas, khargosh, chicken and safed maas completes the food haven of Rajasthan.

Each and every food has its own heterogeneous blend of fine delicacies and provides the perfect ambiance for your Rajasthani food experience. History has been witnessed that for this grandeur treat of foods, foodies from all over the world take the tour to Rajasthan crossing thousands of miles.

Places and forts in Rajasthan

Well known for its royal ambience and colorful as well as courageous history filled with tales of valiance, Rajasthan is packed with several marvelous tourist destinations that depict the diorama of the medieval clamor. In the tide of times, this place has been invaded by several dynasties and looters, but its princely status has been untouched, all thanks to the valiant Rajputs and Jatt warrior rulers. Dotted with architectural buildings like havellis, forts, palaces and temples from medieval to modern era has been the stand still witness of the royalty. Some of the tourist places in Rajasthan encompasses Amer fort, Mehergarh fort, Jaisamer fort, Ranthambore fort, Chittorgarh fort, Taragarh fort, Kumbhalgarh fort, Junagarh fort, Bala Quila, Jal Mahal and Hawa Mahal, Jaipur city palace, Lake palace, Udaipur city palace etc represents the highly accurate Indian architectural designs and its magnificent sculptures, as well as marble engravings, have become the center of attraction of tourists.

Temples and Hotels

The Rajasthan tour packages also include the magnificent temples and impressive architecture. Being rich in Indian history, culture and artistic maestoso of skilled sculptors, the temples of Rajasthan depict the eminence of Rajput styles and patriotism. Some of the most beautiful temples like Birla Mandir, Brahma temple, Ambika Mata temple, Mehendipur Balaji temple, Saidham temple, Karni Mata temple, Galtaji temple, Salasar Balaji temple, Eklingi temple, Sai  Dham, Rani Sati temple, Parshuram Mahadev Temple, Ranakpur Jain temple, Dilwara Jain Temple, Ajmer Sharif Dargah etc are the paradigms of architectural superiority of Rajasthan.

This Rajasthan travel package also includes luxurious as well as budget-friendly hotels, resorts, palaces and lagoons for all classes of people to give fair opportunities to witness the beauty of Rajasthan. Some of the eminent hotels include- KK Royal hotel, Hotel Manbhar, La Premier Resort, Hotel Sapphire, Hotel Raj Bagh palace, The Amer valley, The Heritage Hotel, Talai Bagh Palace etc.

Handicrafts and Handlooms

Some of the major tourist attractions of Rajasthan are its handicrafts and handlooms. Widely known for its artwork and craft, Rajasthan is the most important producer of handicraft objects in India. There are so many vivid-colored and extraordinary patterned crafts of the country urges the travelers to take as a souvenir to their region. These crafts are used as interior decorations in addition to garments, add-ons and miscellaneous items.

Textiles, handmade jewelry, carpets, wooden furniture, terracotta, Rajasthani quilts, Jutis, Marble crafts and statues, Rajasthani paintings, ivories and camel crafts represent the marvel of the artisans and sculptors of Rajasthan.  

Wildlife Destinations, Park and Safari

If you are making plans to enjoy a thrilling holiday, then the wildlife destination in Rajasthan calls you for an unforgettable adventure and vacation experience. The plethora of flora and fauna sanctuaries, national parks has emerged as the oasis for innumerable and endangered species of birds, animals and reptiles. From the semi-inexperienced forests of Mount Abu to dry grasslands of wilderness vicinity, from the wetlands of Bharatpur to the deciduous forests of Aravalli, sort of topographical regions have emerged as the house in the animal nation.

Some of the perfect wildlife sanctuaries and parks include- Darrah, Kailadevi, National Chambal Sanctuary, Gajner wildlife sanctuary, Kumbhalgarh wildlife sanctuaries, Mount Abu sanctuaries, Bharatpur aviary etc. Are most-visited places which will surely provide a great time in the lush greenery and wildlife.

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