Shahabad Fort

Baran is a district of Rajasthan, located in Hadoti province. Baran is a land of picturesque hills and valleys where tourists can see a variety of old ruins during their visit; Fort Shahabad is completely on the list of popular excursions. This majestic fort is near Kota in the Baran district of Rajasthan. It is located at a distance of 160 km from Kota and 80 km from the Baran, in the city of Shahabad.

Things to Know About Shahabad Fort

Conceived and built under the direction of Vanshi Dhandhel Rajput Mukutmani Dev, Shahabad Fort Baran, Rajasthan was built in 1577 AD, during the reign of Aurangzeb. Mukutmani Dev, son of Pratap Rudra and Rani Parihariji of the Chauhan dynasty, built this fort in the Hadoti region and it is one of the strongest forts in Rajasthan. Situated in a landscape of high mountain ranges, the fortresses are now surrounded by bodies of water and steep cliffs. The well-equipped artillery and some temples from the majestic era of the monarchy are still alive. The fortress are also believed to have 18 cannons, one of which is believed to be 19 feet long.

Places to Visit near Shahabad Fort

Manihar Mahadev Temple

This temple is dedicated to Hanumanji and Mahadev. This 600 year old temple is an ancient temple situated at a distance about 3 km from Baran. The festival of Shivratri is celebrated with great pomp here. The natural beauty of this temple and the ponds near the temple enhance its beauty.

Shergarh Wildlife Sanctuary

This sanctuary is spread over an area ​​about 98 sq km. It is located in Shergarh of Baran district. For animal lovers, wild boars, lions, hyenas, bears and lions can be seen here.

Bhand Devra Temple

This temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva. Known as "Khajuraho of Rajasthan", and built in the 10th century. Also in this temple there is a goddess who is worshiped by offering dry fruits and dry fruits. Along with this, another goddess is also seated in the temple, in whose worship meat and alcohol are offered.

Shahi Jama Masjid

Situated at a distance about 80 km, this place is very beautiful and attractive, which attracts tourists to see it. It was built during the reign of Emperor Aurangzeb of the Mughal Sultanate.


Kapildhara is a very beautiful place situated at a distance about 50 kms. In this temple built inside this ancient fort, there is an idol of Brahmani Maa, which is situated in a cave under a large rock. The Akhand Jyoti burning in the temple has been burning for the last 400 years.

Ideal Time to Visit Shahabad Fort

If you are planning to visit Shahabad Fort Baran, then the best time to visit here is during the winter months i.e. from October-February as the weather during this time is quite during the day and the nights are cold. Shahabad Fort being located in a very hot region with a dry climate, it is not advisable to visit here during the summer season.

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