Top National Parks in Rajasthan

Top National Parks in Rajasthan

Ranthambore National Park, Rajasthan, India, May 12, 2005. Tourists in a jeep photographing a tiger who is drinking from a lake in the park.

Rajasthan, often known as the Land of Kings, is a king among the lands! Each national park in Rajasthan is a must-see for adventurers in their Rajasthan Wildlife Tours. Rajasthan has a total of 20 national parks, visit to some of which should be included in your Rajasthan Wildlife Tour. Several objects are still on exhibit in this city, which is also recognized for its rich culture and tradition. Its colorful traditions are a joy to observe and enjoy. The spirit of nationalism and velour pervade this region and its people.

Ranthambore National Park

Rajasthan Wildlife Tourism is incomplete without the visit to Ranthambore National Park, also known as Sawai Madhopur Park. It is also well-known as a heritage site due to the abundance of historical ruins scattered across the vast park. A visit to this park is a visual delight, with its teeming natural environment, uncommon tree species, and protected animals wandering freely during the day.The vast National Park has an area of 282 square kilometres.

Sariska Tiger Reserve

Sariska Tiger Reserve has replaced the former Sariska Wildlife Sanctuary. It is nestled in the Aravali Hills and covers an area of 800 square kilometres. This Rajasthan National Park is dotted with dry deciduous woods, grasslands, cliffs, and rocky highland terrain. The Bengal Tiger, the endangered Nilgai Cheetah, Wild Boars, beautiful Sambars, Indian Leopard, Jungle Cat, Mongoose, and Monkeys all call this picturesque park home.

Mount Abu Wildlife Sanctuary

This Wildlife Sanctuary is located in the Aravali Mountain Ranges, which are India’s oldest mountains. It is a plateau, 19 km long and 6 km wide, with a height range of 300 to 1,722 metres above mean sea level. It is a centre for various tourist attractions and a great place to observe the best of Rajasthan’s wildlife. A visit to this location is also one of the best romantic activities to do in Rajasthan.

Dessert National Park

This Rajasthan national park is located in the Thar Desert. The park’s main species includes the Black Buck, Wolf, Indian Bustard, and Desert Fox. This national park differs from others in Rajasthan in that it consists mostly of sand dunes, rugged cliffs, and a source of plants. It must see in your Rajasthan Wildlife Tour Packages.

Darrah National Park

Darrah National Park, which was founded in 2004, is made up of three wildlife sanctuaries in Rajasthan: Chambal Wildlife Sanctuary, Jawahar Sagar Sanctuary, and Darrah Wildlife Sanctuary. It is 50 kilometres from Kota and covers an area of 250 square kilometres. This is a well-known national park in Rajasthan. The popular National Parks in Rajasthan mentioned above are state jewels of considerable national importance. While arranging a visit to Rajasthan with the goal of exploring the flora and wildlife and rich biodiversity, make sure that the above-mentioned National Parks in Rajasthan are included in your itinerary of Rajasthan Wildlife Tour Packages with Go Rajasthan Travel.