Top Summer Fun Places in Rajasthan

Top Summer Fun Places in Rajasthan

Top Summer Fun Places in Rajasthan

One of the basic considerations that strike a chord when we hear “Rajasthan” is about dessert or the very high temperatures. Rajasthan Summer Trip Packages unquestionably are the most sizzling hot trips in the country. Other than the rich legacy and artworks, this illustrious state is well known for its slaughtering temperature in summers. However, every cloud has a silver coating. For this situation, it is a portion of the spots in Rajasthan that are relatively cooler than the remaining places of the state. You can take a trip in these spots while the sun keeps on showering blazes on us. Get a glass of lemonade and look down the rundown to track down an ideal spot for your Rajasthan Summer Trip.

Top places to visit in Rajasthan’s summer

Siliserh Lake

If you want to stay far from the city and spend some quality time on your Rajasthan Summer Tours, this is the right place. Siliserh Lake is little far from the main city. It’s large and scenic. You can sit there and chill out by the lake side as the water provides a soothing experience. You can also go for boating or jet ski in the lake. On the lakeside there are Siliserh Palace and some cafes. The place also provides a good view of the mountains that cover the lake. An additional bonus point is famous movie “Karan Arjun” was shot here, so you get to re-experience moments from one of the Bollywood classics.

Keoladeo National Park

Why not visit the spot of Rajasthan Tourism we have all been reading about in our textbooks? Keoladeo National park pulls experienced bird watchers just as sightseers due to its assorted fauna. You can either stroll around or take a cycle-ride. It is encouraged to go through 6-8 hours to totally appreciate this spot. There are a lot of local and transitory birds and noticing them and realizing them better is sheer enjoyment. The spot is a paradise for photography cracks too. The spot, mostly renowned for the bird species, likewise has screen reptiles, jackals, blue bulls, turtles, deer and so on additionally; this is an ideal shelter from the sun.

Lake Pichola

Udaipur is also better known as the “The City of Lakes”. As the name proposes, this city is blessed with many lakes and is awesomely gorgeous spot in our Rajasthan Tour Packages.  As there are many water reservoirs in the area, the temperature is fairly modest and much cooler compared to other parts of the state. There is so much to look for in Udaipur, but keeping summer heat in mind, one of the top places to visit is Lake Pichola. The lake water will calm you and is an ideal break from summers.

So, to experience this Royal and relaxing experience in the Rajasthan Summer Tour Packages with Go Rajasthan Travel. We will provide you with everything that will make your summer trip a big success because we strive towards making sure that our tourists enjoy the best of experiences and are comfortable also satisfied when they leave.