Top Things to Do in Rajasthan in 2021 for a Memorable Holiday!

Top Things to Do in Rajasthan in 2021 for a Memorable Holiday!

Top Things to Do in Rajasthan in 2021 for a Memorable Holiday!

Rajasthan is probably the most visited state in India by tourists and generally the ideal travel destination. The reason for so much interest from tourists is certainly justified by the wide variety of attractions from art and architecture to culture and traditions. If you have never been to this beautiful state and are looking for the ideal itinerary for your trip, then undoubtedly Rajasthan is the main destination to consider. In addition to the point of view strictly linked to the countless things to see, and things to do in a Rajasthan Tour Package.

Safari – Wildlife Encounter With Rajasthan

Rajasthan houses some of the best bird and wildlife sanctuaries in India. The most popular are Ranthambore National Park, Sariska Tiger Sanctuary, Keoladeo National Park and Bharatpur Bird Sanctuary. Tigers, elephants, wild boars, bears, several species of birds and various other wildlife welcome you to this wildlife sanctuary.

Hot Air Balloon in Rajasthan

One of the most intriguing activities in Rajasthan, hot air ballooning is in high demand by travelers in Rajasthan Tour Packages. Soaring high in the sky, you can see the details of the heritage structures and the vast expanse of greenery. The experience is amazing and gives you insight into this majestic land. Pushkar, Jaipur and Ranthambore these three cities are presently offering hot air ballooning.

Desert Camping – Feel the Thrill

Great glamping site, famous for camping in the desert. Starry skies, lively folk dances, colorful puppet shows, delicious authentic food and comfortable beds are experiences that make camping in Rajasthan furious. During winter the best things to do in Rajasthan is the desert camping, which is an incredible experience.


Trekking in Rajasthan can be difficult and tiring given the hot summer climate. But in the right season and on a slightly windy day, it can be a great experience. Alwar’s lush greenery and the dense heritage of Mount Abu are the most preferred trails for adventure lovers. Although these trips are easy to moderate, the otherworldly beauty and pleasant climate attracts not only adventure seekers, but nature lovers as well. You can see colorful birds and interact with local villagers.You can also enjoy this by taking a Golden Triangle Tour.

Dune Bashing

A hugely popular sport in the Thar Desert, dune bashing is a real pump of adventure. Driving an SUV in the endless desert is an exciting experience. If you don’t have an SUV, don’t worry! You can rent one from a neighborhood dealer and have fun.

Camel Safari – One of the exciting Things to Do in Rjasthan

Camel safari in Rajasthan is also one of the exclusive experiences you can get here during your Rajasthan Budget Tours. The beautiful landscape of the desert looks more beautiful from the camels back. The desert ship lets you explore the ruins and beautiful buildings from a point of view, unmatched by anyone. Pushkar and Jaisalmer are the best cities where you can enjoy a camel safari.

Motor Boating on Fateh Sagar Lake

Another interesting thing to do in Rajasthan is to go fast boats on Udaipur’s Fateh Sagar Lake. Apart from being an exciting and fun experience, the beautiful view of the lake and the sun hiding behind the mountains is a pleasure!

It is a comfortable trip in which you can always stay overnight in hotels even of a good standard, it is not an expensive destination and a safe region with no particular problems if you will book through us. Explore Rajasthan, land of Maharaja. Enjoy royal heritage, luxury hotels, camel safaris, pristine lakes, and magnificent forts and palaces. Cover the best of Jaipur, Udaipur, Jodhpur, Jaisalmer, Pushkar and Ranthambhore at the best price with Go Rajasthan Travel. Apart this, we are also offering bestRajasthan Honeymoon Tours in the industries.