History and Culture of Rajasthan

Rajasthan’s ancient name was Rajputana. Probably Rajput kings ruled in Rajasthan for most of the time, due to this it is called Rajasthan means a place of kings. Rajasthan history is as old as the history of India, it remains of many ancient civilizations have been found here. At one time it used to be green and fertile.

According to the  History of Rajasthan: Ancient civilizations here, which have witnessed hundreds of civilizations including Kalibanga, Bhinmal, Gilund Ganeshwar, Iswal, Bairath, Balathal, Ahad, Bagore, Rangmahal, Ojiana, Tilwara, Baror, Sunari, Noh, Jodhpur, etc. From time to time, the rulers of this place continued to compete with foreign powers. But in the history of the state, no power could directly rule Rajasthan. Here the vassals, feudal and native kings used to rule. The Rajput kings here have a long history. After the independence of Rajasthan, Jaipur is the capital and known as Pink City. Rajasthan has a unique taste in art, culture and language, which symbolizes the tradition of the history of this state.

It is the largest state in the country spread over 3,42,239 sq km. The population of Rajasthan till date is about 7crores. The capital of this place is Jaipur. The names of Jaipur, Jodhpur, Kota, Udaipur, and Bikaner come in the big cities here. No entity with the name of Rajasthan existed before 1949 AD. Different names of the areas were prevalent here since ancient times. During the Mahabharata period, the area of ??Bikaner and Jodhpur was called Jangal Pradesh.

Nagaur was famous by the name of Akshatriyapur. The northern region of Alwar was included in the Kuru district under the southern and western region of Matsya district and most of the areas of Bharatpur, Dholpur and Karauli were included in the Shursen district.

Udaipur was part of Shivi district. So the Jhalawar and Tonk regions were part of the Malav region. Sirohi tumor was included in the country. Jodhpur came to be called Maru, Maruwar and then Marwar. The ancient name of Jaisalmer was Mand. Dungarpur - The area of ??Banswara was called Bangar. The region of Kota and Bundi was famous as Hadoti.

Due to geographical features, some areas of Rajasthan were named. The terrain of Pratapgad adjacent to the Mahi River was called Kanthaal. Because this area was situated on the banks of the Mahi River, that is, the Kanthe. Due to the Chhapan village group, the area of ??the central area of ??Pratapgarh Banswara was called Chhappan.

The state of Rajasthan holds its special importance from the point of view of its cultural traditions. Many traditions, festivals and cultural customs have been prevalent here since ancient times.

Adherence to decorum – According to Rajasthan History & Culture People here have followed decorum even by giving their lives. In Rajputs, the practice of Kshatriya religion was considered more than life. The queen of Salumbar cut off her head and gave it to her husband, so that her brave husband would not be distracted by his dignity.

Respect to guests - Guests are treated with full affection. And they are considered not only revered, but also do not hesitate to sacrifice their lives for their sake. The reception that Alauddin Khilji received as a guest by Ratan Singh is memorable.

Festivals - Many festivals are celebrated in Rajasthan. Gangaur, Teej etc. are special festivals here. It is full of love and gaiety. Similarly, many festivals are celebrated here in different places. Fairs are held and the public expresses their faith with happiness in it.

Miscellaneous Rites - Birth, naming, Annaprashan, Karnavedh, Marriage and many rites etc. are done here with great pomp.

Rajasthani folklore is also indestructible. The poignant examples that are found with the cleanness of love in them are rare elsewhere. Rajasthan has a rich store of literature and art. The store of hand written texts here is very famous.

The culture of Rajasthan is still alive today. Even though modernity has come to the cities, festivals are still celebrated according to tradition. The same simplicity exists in rural life. Rajasthan is very important from this point of view.

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